Founded on the four cornerstones...


Competence from education and experience helps our battle proven to overcome any obstacles.
Delivery with accuracy and quality is what we pride us with and what sets us apart even more from the rest.
Drive is at our core in everything we do, and we will never stop.
Loyalty with our clients makes us the most trustworthy partner and ally.

...SWESOURCE is well renowned for its Technical Management skills and for always putting its clients first.

With experienced leaders in IT Architecture and Security, clients are often assisted in tasks ranging from creating long-term profitable strategies to advanced hands-on craft.

SWESOURCE was originally founded in 2004. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden and is registered for "F-tax" in Sweden.

Reg number 559110-3881
VAT number SE559110388101

SWESOURCE is an equal opportunities employer supporting continuous learning, physical health and mental well-being.


Address AB Swesource
Beckombergavägen 130
16856 Bromma

Phone +46793354200
Email info@swesource.com (for general enquiries)
sales@swesource.com (for business opportunities)



The SWESOURCE S-logo is formed using a less-than (<) and a greater-than (>) character.
These characters are not only mathematical/logical comparators but also commonly utilised in IT as "tags" in various markup-languages such as XML and HTML.
For the company, the logo is a visualisation of movement or direction in different directions (completely opposite) simultaneously, which is a prefect example on how adaptive SWESOURCE can be in its operations.


The SWESOURCE text-logo uses the font "Impact" in various sizes and spacing.